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Simple Solutions

in a Complex

Professional World


Professional life is a continuous challenge 

How does this affect Professional & Human Capital Development?


offers effective simple solutions to empower the potential of PEOPLE
within a company or in their individual professional path
Professional Development_AELIA
Professional Development

Are you a professional addressing critical challenges in your  professional life & development?

How satisfied are you with your professional path?

Are your ready for your next professional step?

Human Capital Development_AELIA
Human Capital Development

Are you a fast growing small business, searching to build a more People-Centric Workplace?

How can you engage more effectively people in your company?

What would make your company an attractive place to work?

Employability Support_AELIA Consulting & Coaching
Employability Support

Are you a University, a Hub or an Accelerator offering employability/ entrepreneurship support programs?

How can you maximize your impact?

Makri Sofia-AELIA.JPG

The AELIA perspective 


In our complex professional world we have been focusing on human-centered simplicity.


AELIA Consulting & Coaching, has been created as a boutique consulting and coaching firm in order to offer targeted Human Capital Empowerment services.

We have designed services for both companies and professionals while we also have developed specific services addressed to educational organizations and non profit organizations supporting employability & entrepreneurship.

Companies find in us a reliable result oriented consultant.

Our services enhance the engagement of people in a company, supporting their upskilling and professional development. We can help a company become an attractive workplace.

Professionals find in us a positive & trusted advisor.

Our services empower professionals in building up, altering or improving their professional path.

In AELIA we are passionate to empower and support PEOPLE.

We offer guidance, with a specific mix of customized tools, training webinars and 

individual & team coaching sessions.

I am Sofia and I welcome you to AELIA Consulting & Coaching. 




Join now 

our world of simplicity in Professional & Organisational development.

It's all about PEOPLE_AELIA Consulting&Coaching

It's all about PEOPLE






getting  empowered

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