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Simplicity and Effectiveness 

in Human Capital 


Career Project Coaching

empowering people_AELIA coco

Empowering PEOPLE 

to unlock their potential

We are a hands-on boutique consulting firm,

introducing a  model for

People Empowerment & Engagement

which was created in the field, in employability acceleration activities.



The WHY behind us


Why Boutique?

Because here we know your name. Because we offer services customized at your needs. Because we are small at scale and we always focus on high quality & customized services for you, with results.

Why we do it?

We are passionate about PEOPLE's development.

We are excited and proud to track their progress towards their own goals.  

We offer our experience and knowledge because we want to help every professional to find his/hers professional identity and path.


Starting from people we expand our services to organizations because we truly believe that happy employees build successful companies that lead to a healthy society and economy.


We love what we do and people love what we offer

WHAT we do

Human Capital Development Consulting

We introduce our model for people empowerment and people engagement in Human Capital Development.

Companies can adopt our service packaging to enhance their Human Capital Management and use our tools in their learning and development services.

Professional Development Consulting

We offer targeted professional development consulting to individual professionals or to people within companies, supporting them to resolve challenges in their professional path. 

We enrich acceleration programs, supporting the professional development of their beneficiaries, while we also offer tools to University career services.

We invest to people's power by boosting their potential for more

work engagement

HOW we know


Experience in the field

AELIA Consulting & Coaching has evolved as a business venture after several years of employability acceleration activity by our predecessor non profit organization AELIA Working Life Laboffering guidance to demanding employability cases. 

Now we invest in professional services our knowledge and experience from years of research and fieldwork.

Wide Knowledge 

We adopt a systematic approach to professional empowerment and engagement, using techniques from HR, Coaching, Mentoring, NLP, Professional Orientation, Adult Education, Theatre Games, Positive Psychology and from the Business and Project Management World.  

We know what we do because our approach brings results

HOW we do it

Effective tools

Starting from our experience in the fieldwork in real life employability stories, we discovered how we can achieve effective guidance and training, what people require to get engaged and what empowers them.

We use a variety of customized tools with significant effectiveness to cover all the spectrum of professional development and work challenges.

We have developed, tested and applied our own method to guide people, to empower and fully engage them in their purpose.

We know how to unlock the potential of people

The power of simplicity

In our years of fieldwork we realized the power of simplicity. People are complex and human stories are diverse.

But empowering people is not and should not be that complicated.

People need simplicity. Simplicity means clarity. It also means flexibility and adaptability.


Simple tools, simple methods, which can be adapted to the diverse needs of people.


Simplicity means focusing at people. Simple talk, simple meaning, adjustable tools.

We know how simplicity applies to people empowerment

Get in touch today and

Work with AELIA 

What PEOPLE say about us

What people say about AELIAcoco

Ι.Ο., FreeLancer

AELIA knows very well what she is doing. I clarified my priorities and  I understood what  was holding me back. My mind opened! Trust is the main element in the relationship with AELIA.

What people say about AELIAcoco

B.K., Private Employee

We had an excellent collaboration with AELIA. I liked that she emphasized to my strengths and to the challenges I have encountered so far

What people say about AELIAcoco

N.O., Freelancer

AELIA helped me to recognize my skills, overcome any limitations and see positive points, in a work situation that I considered negative.

What people say about AELIAcoco

H.T., Private Employee

AELIA supported me to change my old beliefs that thwarted my professional plans and showed me a path to action and optimism.

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