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professional path

AELIA supports individual professionals to address critical challenges in their professional life & development.


  • People at the onset of their professional life (recent graduates)

  • Employed Professionals through all the stages of professional life cycle;

  • Professionals pursuing a career change or undergoing an employment transition to a new job

  • Freelancers to establish their expertise and stand out


How you describe your professional identity?
How well have you designed your professional path?
Are you starting your career or
are you at a career change or re-start?
How digitally ready are you for a digitized professional life?



helps you address all these questions by

offering guidance and upskilling in our targeted service packages

Sofia Makri_AELIA consulting

Our service packages

Professional Identity

Defining your identity, building up and managing your professional brand

Professional Path

Setting up and implementing your professional strategy, whether employed or freelancer, in order to manage new beginnings, transitions and changes



Defining the required changes, setting up and implementing a professional change strategy, whether for a change of employment position or for a total career switch

You can own your career by

defining your identity &

designing your professional path

Work Desk


Our perspective 

Our professional activity, whether as employee, as freelancer or as entrepreneur is a significant part of our life and plays a critical role in who we are and who we become in life. We spend 8-12 hours at least 5 days a week in our work.


A significant part of our life is dedicated to our work.

At the same time through our work and throughout our professional path we become valuable, we can create and offer to other people, we are in contact with other people, we evolve. And of course we gain our living.


Your challenges


Our professional life is faced with significant challenges, whether we are at the beginning or we have years of professional activity.


Initially, starting our professional life we are faced with challenges such as:

  1. Selecting the suitable professional path 

  2. Finding the job that you want

  3. Being selected in a job that you aim to

  4. Onboarding on a new position


Further on, we may face challenges such as:

  1. Making a career switch into another field

  2. Undertaking a freelance career

  3. Combining parallel professional activities

  4. Getting back to work after a short interruption (as a mum or for other reasons)

  5. Coping with employment termination

  6. Facing corporate changes in an employment environment

  7. Dealing with office politics

  8. Managing job performance

  9. Negotiating a promotion

  10. Living in a digital professional world

Working Together


Our solution

AELIA helps you address the challenges through:


  • Understanding better oneself, your professional potential and aspirations

  • Defining and building up your professional identity

  • Learning how to find the suitable information and processing

  • Building up the necessary skills (among others adaptability, problem solving, coping with change)

  • Developing the suitable mindset


We offer online services  (individual or team sessions) of:

  1. guidance (in sessions and/or in flexible communication),

  2. targeted career coaching,

  3. upskilling and professional identification workshops as well as

  4. tools for professional identification and upskilling.



Combining such services, we have developed targeted service packages,

each one aiming at a specific professional objective and applied to all individuals whether working in employment positions or as freelancers.



We also offer our service packages at customized versions and adapted to the needs of specific groups of professionals such as:

  • Millennials coping with the challenges of undertaking middle management positions in a changing workplace or of career switch

  • Gen X entering into the working life with an uncompromised mindset, a speedy approach and at the same time the insecurities of a changing world

  • Mothers re-entering professional life and Mum-preneurs

  • Individuals over 45 ending a career in employment and making a re-start

  • Professionals in the creative and cultural sector


"AELIA helped me to recognize my skills, overcome any limitations and

see positive points, in a work situation."


N.O., Freelancer 

"AELIA supported me to change my old beliefs that thwarted my professional plans.

She showed me a path to action and optimism"


H.T., Private Employee

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