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Boost the potential of

your people 

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Are you a fast growing small business, searching to build a more People-Centric Workplace?

What do your
PEOPLE require in order to develop their full potential for your company?

What would make your company an attractive place to work?

AELIA Consulting & Coaching 
offers services targeted at 
empowering your organisational culture and 
engaging your people

Culture & Organisational Development

Establishing a positive workplace culture with human-centric structure & processes, aligned with business & employees needs


Employee Experience & Engagement

Creating a holistic  Experience throught Employee lifecycle, with Engagement at each stage,  enabling employees to be their best at their performance & cooperation

HR Professionals Empowerment

Supporting HR professionals to apply professional  standards of service as  strategic partners & employee relations agents within & beyond Organisation

HR for Change Management


Planning and delivering a  project (goals, milestones, resources, risks & costs) to effectively enable change across Organization and create long term value

Engage your people

Boost their potential 


Similing Team


Our perspective 


Companies are formed by a group of individuals, engaged in to serve an organisational mission with meaning & impact. 


Regardless of the size, Human Resources People should be the backbone, helping the organization and people relations run as smoothly as possible.


HR people do more than just recruiting & processing payroll. Employees need a fair & trusted 'people partner', who understands, challange & empower them, finding the balance between employee & business needs.

Without efficient HR people, there will be no talents in the company and without talented people who are satisfied & engaged to the company, there will be no business future.


Your challenges

Some of the most common HR challenges that you as a Business Leader of a fast growing SME may face:

  • Engaging employees to your personal & organisational Vision

  • Creating an Organisational Culture of Trust and Respect

  • Attracting & retaining the right people in the right place at the right time

  • Building a High-Performing Team with structure and clarity

  • Preparing great employees for their next career steps

  • Mantaining a Work Life Balance

  • Dedicating time to people issues

  • Predicting & adopting to any forthocoming changes concerning structure, technology & people

HR challenges can initially seem minor deterrents that come in the way of business. Leaders should remember that business is also about People, not only numbers. People are responsible for the numbers.


So  the sooner you understand the need to respond to these challenges and focus on your People, the less expensive can be proved to be in the long run.


It is a matter of choice.  Either you change the things that don't work for you and your people or you might end up where you are heading.

Writing on Glass


Our solution

No matter if you are familiar with HR issues, AELIA helps you understand your people & address your unique challenges through:


  • HR strategies, policies, and practices development

  • Employee Experience & Engagement Strategy design

  • HR Professionals empowerment to support any HR strategy

  • Leadership, Executives & Team Coaching sessions 

  • Change Management project

Some of our customized services are:

  • On-boarding and orientation of new employees

  • Talent Management and Succession Planning

  • Performance management (goals, roles & expectations setting, feedback, recognition, appraisal)

  • Employee training & development (upskilling- reskilling)

  • Employee Relations (internal Communication, team buiding, resolving conflict etc.)

  • Total Reward Policy

  • Employer Branding


AELIA helps your company to DISCOVER & DREAM how your people can contribute to your Organisation success & sustainability.


AELIA focuses on your PEOPLE,

understanding business priorities,

recognizing performance drivers & workforce trends,

using a DATA-driven decision making process

to support holistically your Employee Engagement.


Our proposals for unlocking value in your organization are coming from quantitative and qualitative data:

    - Surveys & Assessment Tests

    - Individual & Team Sessions

    - Focus groups &  Observation

AELIA will help employees feel aligned with your Company's Vision, Mission & Values so as to be motivated to be engaged, to perform better & to innovate in a corporate environment defined by trust and respect.

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