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Women go digital!

Sofia Makri from AELIA Consulting & Coaching, participates as Employability Mentor and Trainer (Greece) to the Program "Women4IT", a 9 stakeholder partnership funded by the EEA Grants and the Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment.

Women4IT aims at raising awareness about digital skills and the gender gap, and at increasing the numbers of EU women into the digital agenda.

The ambition of the program is to develop the digital competences of young women by providing them non-formal educational opportunities, a ‘learning to learn’ attitude, a sense of initiative, and the social skills necessary to find a job.

700 young women, under 30, across 7 countries (Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Romania and Spain) participate in a 160 hours training on different digital job profiles such as Digital Media Specialist, Graphic Designer, Junior Web Developer and Project Coordinator.

Sofia, together with other Mentors, provides to 164 young women, in individual and team sessions, practical advice and support so as to start a digital/ tech career.

Additionally, Sofia designed an Employability Accelerator Program to empower the greek participants through 9 webinars and individual self-assement exercises.



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