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“I want a good job to make me happy”

Whoever currently switch careers or look for a new job, (s)he will tell you the same. It is totally normal to seek for a fulfilling job but as it has been set, it is just a vague goal that won’t bring you the desirable results.

Indeed, according to Eurostat 2015, only 45% employees working in Athens (Greece) declared they were satisfied with their personal job situation, meaning that 55% employees felt that they didn’t have a good job that make them happy. There is no doubt that all of them wanted to be satisfied with their job but the important here is who finally manage it.

So let me ask you 'Do you want just a good job or a good job for you?' 'Is it only about a good job for you or also in the best workplace for you?' 'How will you define the subjective and multidimensional What good means?' After all, what is good for one person may not be for another.

It is time to start thinking what is important and undeniable for you in the workplace. Please write down on your notebook “How would you describe a perfect day at work?” or “In which workplace would you like to be the forthcoming Monday morning?”

My experience shows that few can define what a good job really means, not mentioning the ideal work environment where they can flourish.

It is not a surprise that those who manage to visualize the ideal scenario in as much detail as possible and follow all the necessary steps to succeed, they finally get it. Of course they may need to compromise with the workplace reality and current socio economic situation but at least their top value priorities will be accomplished, making them happy.

The important is that they choose jobs according to them and not to external or other factors.

Bear in mind that happiness is the result not the goal. It is not a job that makes us happy but the alignment with our values, needs and wishes. I am sure that you know people who have the 'perfect job' but they don't seem happy and vice versa, people who have an 'ordinary job', but fully satisfied jumping out of bed every morning.

Here are some basic steps to help you build and boost your Employability.

  1. Define your professional identity, who you are as a Person and Professional,

  2. Define what job and workplace will be the most suitable for you,

  3. Find and get it or create it,

  4. Discover ways to keep it and

  5. Flourish at work so as to have a feeling of fulfillment.

Employability is about being ready for a suitable job for you, which would be a job not only to earn your living but also a job which could fulfill significant inner needs for your personal identity and development.

Let’s assume that you have discovered your knowledge, interests, skills & talents and you already know the sector/industry as well as the type of job you are searching for.

How easy is to define the ideal job and workplace for you?

Here are some basic factors and forces that influence job quality to have in mind (Image Source: ‘CIPD Job Quality Index’, Survey Report, 2019)

Survey shows that no matter the country origin, the gender or the industry, employees consider as the most important factors for overall satisfaction the three following:

1) culture and values of the organization; 2) quality of senior leadership; and 3) access to career opportunities within the organization.

So what matter most to you? Keep asking yourself questions like:

  • ‘Why do I want to pursue this career and how far am I willing to go?

  • ‘Are there jobs available in this career?

  • ‘How can I find more about job trends and the future of work?’

  • ‘Where do I want to live?

  • ‘How much money do I want to make and how many hours to work?

  • ‘Do I want to work alone or in a team?

  • ‘What are my values and how can I combine them with company values?

  • How do I learn better and how do I respond to feedback?

  • What helps me to develop myself personally and professionally?

And so many more questions to be answered by you. Please don't forget to keep a detailed list of your answers.

Identifying and answering the above will help you not only during your job search but as well during your interview, where you will have the chance to ask the appropriate questions to confirm that you have found the ideal job for you in an environment of cooperation, support and empowerment.

Also, they may help you to improve your current state at the job you already have. If you found what is missing, you may ask for or negotiate it. Sometimes it seems that we are the ones who can create our own ideal working environment.

You may not find the best job at once. Nobody does on the first try but keep searching and asking and trying and believing, by self-reminding the specs of your ideal job. You have the power to be happy!

Wishing you a Happy New Year with the belief that you can find or create your own prosperous, joyful and meaningful career!



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